SRM has enabled me to function comfortably in the office and at home. After treatment I am able to do things easily that I generally would have to push myself to do because of the discomfort. 

James K.
James K.Dentist, New York City

“I am now aware that Physical, Emotional, Chemical and Dietary stress have an effect on my body.  I am now more careful about the stresses that I voluntarily subject myself to. Quality of life is what is important.”

Cliff B.
Cliff B.Business Executive, NYC

“The SRM changed my life!

I have had chronic lower back pain for the last 8 years of my life. I was treated by Dr. Kiernan and within 48 hours the pain had completely gone away. I now have complete mobility and no longer have to take anti-inflammatory medication. Consistent results.

I hope that everyone has the ability to experience the SRM. It changed my life!”

Tracey E.
Tracey E.Management Consultant, NYC

“SRM has given a deeper insight into the mind/body connection.

I have almost restored the function and mobility in my left shoulder and right lower back. At times, my relationship with my thoughts and the world around me is altered, such that I am not affected by them in the same way.

I find this practice fascinating and would like to learn more about it; not to practice it, but just to deepen my understanding of this mind/body treatment.”

MaureenYoga Instructor, NYC

“I now have full awareness on how my physiology affects my psychology. I now have a habitual behavior (like brushing my teeth) that I can go to in times of mental and physical stress that brings me into balance.

I cannot imagine my life without this awareness and technique.

It is a powerful knowledge and skill to have. I can make a choice to do the stretches and relieve myself of stress and bring myself into balance and make better decisions in life.”

Steven K.Business Owner, NYC

“Being treated by Dr. Kiernan has allowed me the ability to function as an athlete better in my forties than I ever did in my thirties.

The confidence I now have in my body’s ability to recover from stress of any kind is priceless.


The best part of treatment is the unintended mental benefit of my body teaching my mind to relax. I honestly am surprised at the step up in improvement given I haven’t been consistent at all. I hope this can be made to deliver the benefits to a greater number of people.” 

Jim C.
Jim C.Personal Trainer & Athlete, NYC

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